Food hygiene, allergen management and health and safety software – making your life easier

Allergen management

Customers with allergies and other special dietary requirements can filter your menus according to their preferences. View on server tablets or publish a QR code so customers can access the information on their own device. No more out of date or scruffy paper charts.

Monitoring checks

Online and Offline (iOS & Android) apps to complete your due diligence checks for food hygiene, allergens, fire, health and safety, and even operational checks – all in one place.


Record incidents such as alleged food poisonings, allergen incidents, accidents, near misses, enforcement visits etc. Software wizards ensure that you collect all the necessary information.


Unlimited cloud storage enables you to organise and store your controlled documents. You can be sure team members will be using the most up-to-date versions.


Storage facility to manage key certification and assets within a business such as gas safety certificates, insurance, PAT testing and more. Alerts will tell you when renewals or testing is due.


We conduct audits generating actions that can be closed off by managers once complete so current compliance status is simple to see. Photos can be uploaded to better illustrate problems and to prove that remedial action has been taken.


Manage individual training records for all locations and staff in one easily accessible place. Alerts will tell you which training is needed and when it is is due.


We have a wide range of interactive e-learning courses including a a groundbreaking game based Level 2 Food Safety App.

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