What is food and health and safety incident software?

Food and health and safety incident software is used by businesses to record incidents e.g. accidents, near misses, food poisoning allegations, allergic reactions, visits by environmental health officers.

The best digital systems, as well as recording the incident, direct the user step by step how to investigate the incident properly.

Our SFS Hub incident software

Our SFS Hub food and health and safety incident software alerts Head Office and regional managers when incidents have not been closed off.

The software is cloud based so allows them to review the data and investigate without having to visit sites.

Performance can be seen on the SFS Hub, alongside your other compliance indicators and everything is in one place.

Key features

  • Maintenance defects can also be recorded here and closed off when work complete
  • Easy access to useful site and company reports e.g. incident types, common days
  • Assists with RIDDOR compliance by ensuring a clearly documented case
  • Claims defence and due diligence helped by showing robust processes are in place

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