Who’s it for?

The IEMA Environmental Sustainability for Managers is a 2-day course. It has been developed by IEMA to provide supervisors and managers with practical knowledge and skills to manage environmental sustainability in specific sectors. The candidate will gain practical knowledge in how to effectively promote and manage sustainability within their own organisation.

What’s it about?

The IEMA Environmental Sustainability for Managers covers: Environmental Sustainability – Environmental Impacts – Legislation and Enforcement – Preventing Pollution – Resource Efficiency – Assessing Performance – Employee Engagement and Environmental Sustainability – Principles and Benefits of Environmental Management Systems.

Please note the content of day 1 is the same as IEMA sustainability Skills for the Workforce. This provides a comprehensive knowledge of environmental impacts and interventions to meet legal requirement and reduce resource depletion.  The second day is more focused on environmental management systems, employee engagement and measuring performance.

How is it assessed?

The candidate is assessed online though IEMA online assessment portal and must complete a 20 multiple-choice question test in 45 minutes.  The pass mark is 12 correct questions.

How much does it cost?

Courses cost: £1080 plus £75 per person

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