Food sample testing to ensure your HACCP plans are working and your shelf-life determination is safe

Food sample testing

Food sample testing helps verify that your HACCP plan is working and shelf life determination is safe.

Food manufacturers and packers of POAO (products of animal origin) need a sampling plan to ensure that the foods that they supply are safe and any water used is of drinking water quality.

Food sample testing is also a requirement of SALSA and BRCGS approval.

Food sample plans and lab testing

We devise sampling plans  to ensure foods are sampled at the appropriate frequency and tested for the relevant micro-organisms.

We collect and deliver (or arrange couriers if you prefer) food samples to our partner laboratory. The state of the art facilities of this UKAS accredited lab are also used by the large UK supermarkets.

We interpret the results, and provide expert reports which make recommendations for further investigation when necessary.

Food surface swabbing

Food surface swabbing helps verify that your cleaning procedures are adequate and that pathogens are not present in high care environments.

We can use gluten,  protein or ATP indicator swabs on our audits which give on-site results which are useful when coaching your teams.

We can also swab for organisms such as Listeria and E.coli and arrange lab testing.

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