What is food and health and safety audit software?

Food safety and/or health and safety audit software is used by internal and external auditors when carrying out inspections to ensure that businesses meet legislative requirements and industry best practice.

The best digital systems are cloud based with automatic notifications if audit actions have not been completed within the required timescales, and a dashboard and reporting systems to easily compare sites.

Our SFS Hub audit software

Our SFS Hub audit software is used by our food hygiene auditors and health and safety auditors to check that your sites are compliant with the law and your company’s standards.

Auditors use their tablets whilst inspecting to complete their audit reports. Managers can login to SFS Hub to record and upload photos to prove that they have completed the necessary actions thus closing the audit loop.

Performance can be seen on the SFS Hub, alongside your other compliance indicators and everything is in one place.

Key features

  • Head office and regional managers can track completed actions without visiting sites
  • Sites can be compared easily with company averages and current rankings
  • Standardised scoring systems enable KPIs (key performance indicators) to be set
  • Indicative food hygiene rating predictions are calculated
  • Automatic reporting on company performance indicators e.g. section scores, trends
  • Claims defence and due diligence helped by showing robust processes are in place

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