What are digital food and health and safety monitoring diaries?

Digital food and health and safety monitoring diaries are online checklists used by businesses to ensure that they meet legal requirements and their company standards. They avoid the need for vast amounts of compliance paperwork.

The best digital systems are cloud-based apps with both iOS and android compatibility so that they can be used both online and offline.

Our SFS Hub digital diaries

Our SFS Hub app allows digital diaries to be easily completed on phones or tablets.

Our monitoring software alerts the user when pre-set parameters are not met and forces a defect to be recorded. Guidance on corrective actions can be provided in the app to help users to close off the defect.

Performance can be seen on the SFS Hub, alongside your other compliance indicators and everything is in one place.

Key features

  • Head office and regional managers can be notified as soon as a checklist is missed
  • Maintenance and quality checks can also be completed on the software
  • Once only checklists can be set up e.g. for product recall purposes
  • Claims defence and due diligence helped by showing robust processes are in place

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