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Food Retail Consultants and Auditors

Our food and health and safety advisers provide consultancy, HACCP plans, audits, software, e-learning, and training for food retailers. Assistance to achieve COVID-SAFER UK certification is also available.

Multi-site food retailers can become frustrated with what seems inconsistent enforcement of food and health and safety laws in different parts of the country. The Government’s Primary Authority Scheme allows retailers to choose one local authority as their single point of contact. They then liaise with other authorities requesting different controls to those they have assured – taking the headache out of compliance.

We assist clients that wish to set up primary authority partnerships, to interview and choose the most suitable authority for their business. We also act as the go-between both parties when applying for assured advice.

We provide software solutions to streamline and reduce paperwork


Food Label Compliance Checks

We can examine your new and existing food labels to check that they are legally compliant and make recommendations for improvement. If you have not yet created a label, we work with you to provide a mandatory inclusions report that you can pass to your label designer - or use to configure your label software,

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Client testimonials

“Safer Food Scores have provided professional, knowledgeable and reliable support through developing and helping us to implement our food safety and health and safety management systems.

Not only has the high standard and depth of experience been invaluable, but our consultants have been a delight to work with – making something potentially overwhelming seem conquerable!

An absolute asset to myself and the Company, I would highly recommend their services.”

Compliance Officer – Suffolk Food Hall – Shops and Restaurants

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