Food date labels and the law

Food date and shelf-life labels should be applied to all foods (unless they are unopened and already have a supplier’s date code).

This is an essential food safety control measure and HACCP requirement to prevent out-of-date and potentially dangerous foods being used or sold. Having out-of-date foods on site can reduce your food hygiene rating from 5 to 2.

It also helps with good stock rotation practice (e.g. first-in, first-out) thus reducing food wastage.

Recommended food date labels

Our simple to use shelf-life labels can be used for ambient, chilled, frozen, defrosted, prepared, and opened foods (some systems have a different label for each!).

The type of adhesive used prevents shelf-life labels falling off in the freezer which can be an issue with lower quality food date labels. They are peelable and easy to remove prior to washing, meaning duplicate labels and unhygienic residues are not left on containers.

Minimum order quantity:

50 rolls of 500 labels @ £8.50 per roll = £425 (plus VAT & £20 Post & Packing)

Orders include free shelf-life posters that can be displayed to remind team members of safe shelf-lives.

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