We provide simple HACCP plans and food safety management systems

Your food safety management system and the law

A Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is a legal requirement. Food suppliers that wish to achieve SALSA or BRCGS approval typically require product specific HACCP plans with risk assessed hazards.

Hospitality operations  are better suited to a FSMS based on a set of safe methods tailored to their menu and operations. Hospitality clients can opt into our Primary Authority Partnership to gain legal protection against inconsistent enforcement.

About your food safety management system

In layman terms, HACCP is a systematic way of predicting what could go wrong and making sure that it doesn’t. We can review your existing system or develop simple to use procedures and due diligence diaries tailored to your operation.

We can provide due diligence diaries in hard copy, electronic format or on our app so they can be completed on smart phones or tablets.

Your food safety management system and food hygiene ratings

When deciding your food hygiene rating, Council officers will check to make sure that your Food Safety Management System is effective and whether your HACCP forms are complete. It must reflect what is happening in practice and your team members must be fully aware of the controls that are relevant to their job role.

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