Our food label experts can calculate the nutritional information needed for food labels or menus

Nutritional Labelling and the Law

Prepacked food in the UK must be labelled with its nutritional content in the legally prescribed format. Nutritional information is not required for those foods where the largest surface area is less than 25 cm squared; specified foods that are mainly minimally processed or have little nutritional value; or manufacturers supplying small quantities directly to consumers or local retailers.

About our nutritional labelling services

Our experts can calculate the nutritional content of food products and menu items or arrange product testing for you by our partner food testing laboratory. This nutrition data may be needed to meet the food label regulations or if you wish to inform your customers voluntarily. We also advise on how the nutritional information has to be presented on a food label and run food labelling training courses.

Nutrition data on food labels

Nutrition data refers to the amount of energy, fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt in a food product or menu item. Nutritional information must be accurate so that consumers are not misled. There are certain mandatory items that must be included as well as allowable supplementary information.


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