What is food and health and safety training software?

Food and health and safety training software is used by businesses to store compliance training records and certificates.

The best digital systems are cloud based, allow bespoke training plans to be developed, and alert when training needs to be completed or refreshed.

Our SFS Hub training software

Our SFS Hub food and health and safety training software allows managers to easily see who needs training and when.

It can be particularly useful when arranging cover for sick leave as data can be filtered according to what training individuals have had, as well as what they have not.

Performance can be seen on the SFS Hub, alongside your other compliance indicators and everything is in one place.

Key features

  • Quick access to training records in the event of an EHO inspection or accident
  • Easy transfer of training records from site to site when staff move
  • Ability to view training needs of all sites makes external courses more cost effective
  • Simplifies onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Can be used for training other than compliance
  • Claims defence and due diligence helped by showing robust processes are in place

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