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Health and hygiene online training courses

We have a full suite of health and safety, food hygiene, fire, allergen management, first aid, COVID-19 and personal development online courses accredited by the highly respected Highfield Qualifications awarding body. We administer the courses for your teams, or, for no extra cost, provide you with access to your own easy to use learning management system. That way, you can assign learners when required, re-set their passwords, monitor progress, and download duplicate certificates when needed.

How much are the online courses?

There is a minimum purchase of 10 courses which can be a combination of different subjects that can be decided upon and used any time within 2 years. Unused courses can be swapped if a team member leaves (as long as the course has not been started).

Short courses – £4 (100+)   £5 (1-99)
Scale 1  – £10 (100+)   £12.50 (20-99)   £15 (10-19)
Scale 2  – £15 (100+)   £17.50 (20-99)   £20 (10-19)
Scale 3  – £95 (100+)   £115 (50-99)  £135 (20-49)  £155 (10-19)  £175 (1-9)

Induction online courses

Induction training should ideally be carried out on the team members first day and always before they are left unsupervised e.g.

Level 1 Food Safety (Scale 1)*
Introduction to Allergens (Scale 1)
Level 1 Health and Safety (Scale 1)
Introduction to Fire Safety (Short course)
– COVID-19 Secure for Hospitality, retail, or offices (Short course)

* Alternatively, this can be substituted with A Game to Train Stages 1 & 2 (free of charge game-based training app) which sits on a different learning management system.

Team member online courses

Further training should take place before team members who handle food are left unsupervised (as well as on-the-job coaching in your specific procedures) e.g.

Level 2 Food Safety for catering or manufacturing (Scale 2)*
Level 2 Health & Safety (Scale 2)

* Alternatively, this can be substituted with A Game to Train Level 2 Food Safety (Scale 2) which sits on a different learning management system. Safer Food Scores clients who opt into our primary authority partnership can also undertake team member online courses (Short course) specific to their food safety management system.

Manager online courses

Supervisors, managers, and anyone who develops recipes, designs training materials, produces HACCP plans and food safety procedures, or carries out health and safety risk assessments should undertake higher level training e.g.

Level 3 Food Safety (Scale 3)
Level 3 Health & Safety (Scale 3)

These courses can be supplemented by a virtual or face-to-face invigilated exam which would result in an additional (OFQUAL regulated) certificate. Contact us for more information.
Safer Food Scores clients who opt into our primary authority partnership can also undertake manager online courses (Short course) specific to their food safety management system.

Fire marshal online courses

Although you still must carry out on the job coaching of your premises specific procedures and practical fire extinguisher training, this course is provides your nominated fire marshals with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to carry out their role.

Level 2 Fire Safety (Scale 2)

This is a useful calculator to determine the number of fire marshals required for your premises.

First aider online courses

These courses can form part of a blended learning experience for your nominated first aiders, but you still need to arrange practical assessment by an accredited tutor. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) do not recognise standalone online courses to meet first aider competency requirements.

– Emergency First Aid at Work
– First Aid at Work
– Paediatric First Aid

This is a useful calculator to determine the number of first aiders required for your premises. These short courses are also excellent:

Anaphylaxis & Autoinjectors (Short course)
– Accidents including slips, trips, and falls (Short course)

Training shorts and refresher courses for team members

Development and refresher training help to keep staff motivated and reduce business risk. Putting your teams through the same ‘training short’ each month can really help the safety culture within your organisation especially when focussed on weak areas that have been identified.

We are regularly adding to our suite of online courses so if there are any other courses that you think would be useful please let us know.

Food hygieneHealth and safetyOther
Introduction to food safety (Short course)Accidents incl. slips, trips, falls (Short course)Managing Conflict (Short course)
Food safety enforcement (Short course)Fire (Short course)Infection Control (Short course)
Personal hygiene (Short course)First aid (Short course)Equality & Diversity (Short course)
Cleaning and disinfection (Short course)Hazardous substances COSHH (Short course)GDPR (Short course)
Contamination controls (Short course)Legal responsibilities (Short course)Bribery Act (Short course)
Food pests & control (Short course)Risk assessment (Short course)Fraud & Fraud Prevention (Short course)
Food poisoning & control (Short course)Work equipment (Short course)Money Laundering (Short course)
Food premises & equipment (Short course)Health, safety, and welfare (Short course)Safeguarding Children (Short course)
HACCP from delivery to service (Short course)Display Screen Equipment (Short course)Communication (Short course)
Microbiological hazards (Short course)Stress Management (Short course)Teamworking (Short course)

Training shorts and refresher courses for managers

Reduce your business risks further by making sure your managers fully understand their responsibilities and are able to motivate their teams with these higher level training shorts .

Food hygieneHealth and safety
Introduction to food safety (Scale 2)Introduction to health and safety (Scale 2)
Food safety legislation and enforcement (Scale 2)Legal aspects of health and safety (Scale 2)
Supervisory management (Scale 2)The role of line managers and supervisors (Scale 2)
Cleaning and disinfection (Scale 2)Accident, injuries, and work-related health (Scale 2)
Contamination hazards and control (Scale 2)Ergonomics, manual handling & DSE (Scale 2)
Control measures (Scale 2)Fire safety (Scale 2)
Design of food premises and equipment (Scale 2)Hazardous substances (Scale 2)
Food poisoning (Scale 2)Using equipment safely (Scale 2)
Pest control (Scale 2)Measuring and monitoring performance (Scale 2)
Microbiology (Scale 2)Risk assessment (Scale 2)
Personal hygiene (Scale 2)The workplace (Scale 2)

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