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Hospital and Care Home Consultants and Auditors

Our food and health and safety advisers provide consultancy, HACCP plans, audits, software, e-learning, and training for hospitals and care homes. Assistance to achieve COVID-SAFER UK certification is also available.

Given the vulnerability of patients in hospitals and residents in care homes, maintaining the highest standards of food hygiene and health and safety is essential. Following an outbreak of hospital-acquired listeriosis in the UK in 2019 resulting in seven deaths, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care commissioned a “root and branch” review of food supplied to and served in hospitals.

Our expertise in food supply chains and reducing the risk of Listeria contamination and its growth in healthcare settings has proven invaluable in providing peace of mind for our clients.

We provide software solutions to streamline and reduce paperwork


Service Spotlight: Training Shorts

It is industry standard to refresh training courses every three years but is that enough? If there is a trend of similar accidents or incidents, it is best to re-train all staff at the same time but that can be expensive and time consuming. Short cheap e-learning courses in specific subject areas i.e. training shorts are the answer.

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