Our food allergens advisors and specialists provide a range of food allergens consultancy services to reduce companies’ risk of causing allergic reactions

Food Allergen Specialists

Our food allergens advisors, trainers and specialists provide a wide range of food allergy awareness consultancy services to help companies comply with the law and reduce the risk of allergic reactions:

  • Review your company’s allergen management and risks
  • Develop safe allergens management policies and procedures
  • Provide allergen ‘free from’ claims assurance
  • Deliver food allergy awareness and management training
  • Assist with allergy incident management
  • Audit your site’s allergens management standards
  • Promote your commitment to safe allergens management

Inclusivity is the new exclusivity

As the number of people with allergies in the UK increases, companies are recognising that as well as keeping people safe, providing excellent service for those with food hypersensitivities makes good commercial sense. Most groups eating out will include someone with special dietary requirements and it is usually these individuals who influence where the group chooses to eat. The good news is the allergy community are great at sharing and when they find somewhere that manages allergens well they shout it from the rooftops. In addition to this, food allergens consultants under Safer Food Scores work to ensure allergen hazards in commercial food providers are minimised, creating a safer dining exeperience for all.


Review of company-wide allergens management

  • Allergens management in-depth review – full review of company processes (including all marketing communications and an in-depth inspection of a sample of sites to identify non-obvious hazards) followed by gap analysis report & recommendations.
  • Allergens management culture survey of all staff – with analysis to identify if and why company procedures are not always followed (a key indicator of company risk) and what actions should be prioritised.
  • Verification of food allergens menus and charts accuracy to reduce risk and improve due diligence.
  • Food label compliance reports (both pre-packaged and pre-packed for direct sale).

Safe allergens management policies and procedures

Primary authority assured allergens safe methods (including training templates for company and site-specific procedures for handling food hypersensitivity customers’ requests).

Allergen risk assessment templates for use when menu planning.

Publishable allergy policies and effective marketing messaging to customers – for companies that appreciate inclusivity, when safely managed, provides huge competitive advantage.

Allergen free from claims assurance

Product-specific allergen risk assessments

Food sampling plans

Food allergen lab testing and surface swabbing

Food supplier audits

Allergens management awareness and training

Awareness sessions run by FHS individuals who share their experiences of living with food allergies, their anxieties when eating out and what helps (1.5 hours on-site or virtually streamed)

Level 3 accredited or bespoke allergen management training (6 hours on-site or virtually streamed)

Allergy awareness training (3 hours on-site, virtually streamed or e-learning)

Auto-injector training for all staff to provide them with confidence to act quickly should an anaphylaxis incident occur (1.5 hours on-site or virtually streamed)

Allergy incident management

SFS Hub alleged allergy incident recording software to ensure full investigation and trend monitoring.

Alleged allergy incident (including near misses) reporting templates, AAI investigation templates to ensure effective root cause analysis.

Examination of investigations and production of expert reports that can be shared with a company’s customers to show that the incident has been taken seriously and the risk of recurrence reduced.

Verification of site allergens management standards

Allergens management in-depth site audits

Customer experience allergy audits (mystery dining posing as a FHS individual)


Promotion of commitment to safe allergens management

Food Allergy-Safer UK accreditation (mentoring pre-audits and accreditation audits)

Coeliac UK accreditation (mentoring to achieve accreditation)

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