We can arrange your primary authority partnership and protect you from inconsistent enforcement

EHO Assured Advice

Safer Food Scores has a Primary Authority Co-ordinating Partnership with MKC (Milton Keynes Council). These partnerships are Government approved and designed to ensure consistency of EHO enforcement throughout England. Our latest food safety management and health and safety management systems have been examined and assured by MKC which means that SFS clients wishing to opt into this partnership and follow these procedures can benefit from the legal protection this offers.

In practice this means that, if an EHO questions these procedures and requires you to implement alternative procedures, they must first speak to MKC and obtain their agreement. If MKC decide the EHO’s opinion is incorrect then the case will be referred to the Government’s Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPS&S) for determination. This department is committed to fair enforcement and reducing regulatory barriers for UK businesses.

In order to benefit from this assurance and reduce the risk of receiving an unfairly scored food hygiene rating, you would need to advise us and formally opt in to this partnership so that your company details can be entered on to the Primary Authority website that EHOs check before they inspect.

Alternatively, if you wish to have a direct primary authority partnership with another council, we help you make the best choice and liaise on your behalf.

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