Who’s it for?
Our Safer Food Scores Food Labelling qualification is intended for food manufacturers or importers that need to be sure that their product labels are legally compliant. There are no prerequisites for this qualification. It is advised that learners have a minimum of Level 1 in English or equivalent.

What’s it about?
Learners gaining this qualification will understand what the law requires to be on food labels and how to avoid claims of mis-representation.

How is it assessed?
There is a half hour 15 question multiple-choice test at the end of the day and you need 9 out of 15 to pass. Following the course you will be sent a Safer Food Scores Food Labelling certificate. The certificate is generally considered to remain current for three years.

What will I get out of it?
The Safer Food Scores Food Labelling certificate will provide you with an introduction to food labelling legislation.

How much does it cost?
Open courses cost £85.

We can also hold courses at your premises which if you have 5 or more people to train (and a suitable room) you could save money.

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